Grass Seed

GroundKeeper - GroundSpeed Grass Seed


GroundKeeper GroundSpeed grass seed contains seed bred specifically for its exceptional properties and designed for lawncare professionals. GroundSpeed will produce a dark green colour, visually appealing by combining high quality seed varieties. The name GroundSpeed is well deserved with 40% of its grass seed varieties that establish quicker than other varieties. Formulated for use in full sun and shade with drought tolerance and disease resistance qualities. GroundSpeed contains a blend of three Kentucky bluegrass (60%) with 1/3 of which is a rapid establishment variety. Kentucky bluegrass is the most sought after by turfgrass professionals and lawn enthusiasts, so of course GroundKeeper would put 60% of it in the bag. The strong creeping red fescue (20%) adds diversity, dark green colour, fine texture, traffic tolerance and no mowing performance to reduce lawn maintenance. Last but not least, a perennial ryegrass (20%) bred for challenging conditions that include drought and disease resistance and is the fastest germinating grass seed.

GroundKeeper - WaterWise Grass Seed


GroundKeeper WaterWise grass seed is a professional quality turfgrass product bred to be the best and is now available to those who demand exceptional products and quality. WaterWise contains 100% seed third party proven through TWCA (Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance) to require 30% less water, which means water starved grass maintains its green covering. Reduce your reliance on irrigation and cost of watering with WaterWise drought tolerant grass seed. Perfectly suited for use in sun and shade, WaterWise contains three varieties of Kentucky bluegrass (85%), the most popular variety of grass seeds, for superior turfgrass quality with the following bluegrass properties: exceptional germination rate and purity, dark green genetic colour, good spring green-up and disease resistance, deep roots, 14 to 21 day germination, 1/2 inch mow height. WaterWise also contains quick establishment perennial ryegrass (15%) bred to be tough, used for sports fields and lawn care professionals, its roots grow down way deeper than even the best perennial ryegrass!