Will the fertilizer stain my sidewalk or driveway?

GroundKeeper uses an iron source that is non-staining. Although our iron is of great quality, it is always good practice to sweep it off your sidewalks and patio.

Does GroundKeeper kill weeds?

We do not put any weed killer in our formulations, however, it has been proven that healthy lawn will choke out most weeds. GroundKeeper’s formulations provide your lawn with the essential nutrients to combat weeds and look its best.

Will GroundKeeper burn my lawn?

Any fertilizer if over applied could cause your lawn to burn. Too much nitrogen is typically responsible for causing the burn. GroundKeeper is formulated with a lower nitrogen content cleverly combined with sulphur which allows your lawn to use the nitrogen more efficiently. Because of the balanced nitrogen formulation it would be very unlikely to burn your lawn using GroundKeeper fertilizer. For best results apply the fertilizer to dry grass and then water it in afterward.

Does GroundKeeper prevent dog pee spots?

GroundKeeper cannot prevent dog pee spots but has many attributes to combat nitrogen burns from your dog's urine. The sulphur lowers the pH of your soil making it resilient and healthy. The aggressive growth and exceptional nutrients delivered with GroundKeeper provides your lawn the best opportunity to heal from the damage of dog urine.