Good morning John,

We are just wanting to share how thrilled we are with Ground Keeper! We have lived in our house for 12 years and have been trying to improve our lawn, but nothing has had a bigger impact than with the addition of Ground Keeper fertilizer. From the moment we spread the first treatment I could tell this was a superior product. Within days our lawn started to green up and have a beautiful colour that would only improve after the weeks following that initial treatment. By the time we were ready for the second treatment our lawn looked fantastic. We now have neighbours commenting on how great our lawn looks! I’ve noticed how our lawn is stronger and thicker. It seems to be choking out more and more weeds because of the health of the grass. But the colour! Nothing has ever made our lawn so green that I can only imagine a comparison would be a lawn in Ireland.

Thank you for such a fantastic, quality product that really delivers!

Jordan Korchinski

Groundkeeper - Testimonials

Groundkeeper - Testimonials Groundkeeper - Testimonials

Groundkeeper - Testimonials Groundkeeper - Testimonials

"We used it for the first time at the lake and Wow! The neighbors have been asking how I keep my grass so much greener than the rest. Seems to be the grounds keeper is the reason."

"I've never seen such huge changes from one application. Everyone that sees it is amazed and is sold right there. Our condo complex is looking into using it for all grass areas. My lawn is in the foreground and used to look exactly like the stuff across the street. Thanks a lot."